Zuhair Abbas

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YOLO, the acronym for "You only live once", is an emerging pop band formed in June 2020 by Zuhair Abbas and Rafik Hachana. The band its first debut single, "We are one", on 7th August. The song "We are one" is a statement against human segregation and discrimination. In a world full of hardships and pain, it serves as a reminder that together we are stronger and together we can make it right!

The band consists of the songwriter, composer & lead Vocalist Zuhair Abbas and the guitarist Rafik Hachana. The band was formed when they met at Innopolis University, Russia. Currently, YOLO is signed by Museably and producing to explore the soundscapes of popular music, as well as the diverse lyrical themes that can be delivered through such music. The genre of the band revolves around pop music, while not being bound by a specific genre.